What is the Best360 Academy?

The ultimate virtual coach + help and support to realise your 360 camera ideas...

best360 academy

...Where you will learn how to film, edit, and publish high quality reframed and immersive 360 video for social media.

I have spent 1000+ hours learning how to master 360 cameras so you don't have to. This proven system will transform you into a 360 camera PRO in less than 10 hours.

And a Bonus Course!

Affinity Photo is an amazing Photoshop alternative which has powerful 360 photo editing capabilities at a fraction of the price of Photoshop! Learn how to use Affinity Photo to get the best quality 360 photos.

Your 360 coaching journey

The Best360 Academy is a set of online courses which will take you from knowing nothing about 360 cameras, to helping you become confident filming, editing, and publishing your own 360 videos from your phone or computer. Need help with course material? Don't worry. Create a discussion in the video comments and your question will be answered. Need help with a personal 360 project? No problem. Create a post in the Best360 community and get expert help on demand. The online courses are updated with the latest and best information. The learning never stops.

  • Online courses

    Follow online video tutorials at your own pace to learn new skills and put them to the test.

  • Help on demand

    Get the answers to all your questions and expert advice on your personal 360 projects.

  • Continuous updates

    Online courses are kept up to date with the latest and best information.

The Best360 Academy is perfect for those who want to...

  • Share creative videos and stories with followers, friends, and family

  • Get expert 360 help and support on demand

  • Stop wasting time trying to figure things out

  • Spend less time fumbling with editing software & spend more time having fun filming

  • Make money as a professional 360 videographer

  • Grow your business with scroll stopping 360 content

Best360 Academy will give you...

...Everything you need to support your 360 learning.

  • Online courses

    £997 value

    A set of online courses designed to take you on a journey from knowing nothing about 360 cameras to helping you become a professional reframed and immersive 360 video filmmaker.

  • Help on demand

    £997 value

    Get the help and support you need on course material or personal 360 projects.

  • Continuous updates

    £997 value

    Kept up to date with the latest and best information to speed up your workflow and increase your creativity. New content will be added in the future too.


  • What's the difference between the Best360 Youtube Channel and Best360 Academy?

    The Best360 Youtube Channel is a great place to be inspired by the endless creative possibilities with 360 cameras. But there are limitations to learning on Youtube... Ads are distracting, knowledge is outdated quickly, asking for help and support is limited to just text in the comments section, and it is difficult to structure knowledge in a way that is easy to follow. To solve all of the problems above I created the Best360 Academy. The best place to help you master your 360 camera quickly. It's like having 1 to 1 coaching in person but it's through a virtual learning environment instead. There are no distracting ads, knowledge is kept up to date, get prompt answers to your questions, and find knowledge quickly.

  • Do I need a specific 360 camera to follow along?

    All the 360 camera files are provided so you don't even need a 360 camera to start learning! But the Best360 Academy is geared towards Insta360 consumer 360 cameras because they are the easiest to use.

  • Which internet browser do I need?

    Please use Google Chrome for the best experience.

  • How long do I have access to the Best360 Academy for?

    The Best360 Academy offers a 1 year membership subscription with a 1 day free trial. You can cancel the subscription anytime. Knowledge changes rapidly every year. And within the Academy you have access to Shanil's expert help and support. To make sure you are up to date with the latest and best knowledge, and to continue receiving expert help and support from Shanil, a yearly membership subscription is required.

  • Is there a promo code?

    There are currently no promo codes for the Best360 Academy.

Hey! I'm Shanil, your 360 head coach based in London 🤓🇬🇧

I'm here to support you on your journey to become a 360 camera PRO! Since the Pandemic, coaching in person has become very challenging. To overcome this problem, I wanted to create the ultimate learning platform to share my passion so anyone can learn 360, at any time, at their own pace, anywhere in the world. Including you!

Shanil Kawol

Head Coach

I love the freedom of using a 360 camera! When the Insta360 ONE X was introduced in October 2018, I knew this technology was going to change the way we capture stories and life moments forever. I no longer need to worry about framing, I will never miss the moment again, I can capture shots which would otherwise require a camera crew or other expensive video equipment, and I can re-live a moment like never seen before. My mission is to help you bridge the gap between your creativity and the technology. So you can independently film, edit, and publish your own Reframed or Immersive 360 videos. That’s why I created Best360 back in October 2018. I want to help you share your own stories with the world beyond a fixed window.

30 Day Money Back Gurantee🤝

If the Best360 Academy does not suit your needs, just send an email to academy@best360.co.uk requesting a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.  You are entitled to all your money back. No hard feelings :-)

Contact us ✉️

If you have any questions or doubts about whether the Best360 Academy is right for you, please contact academy@best360.co.uk